4 Car Accident Injuries that Do the Most Damage

Car Accident AttorneySome car accident injuries are easily diagnosed after the accident, but others could take days or months. One of the most difficult aspects of life after an accident is the chronic pain that can continue to haunt you for months or years to come. Some injuries tend to be more common among car accident victims than others.

1. Head and Brain Injuries: Also some of the most dangerous injuries you can sustain, a brain or head injury can run the gamut from a minor concussion to serious traumatic brain injuries. As a result of the serious impact that can happen in a car crash, the brain can sustain damage even if signs of an injury are not present on the scalp or neck.

Are you experiencing headaches or pain, or trouble remembering things? You may need to be evaluated for a head or brain injury.

2. Neck Injuries: Along with the head, the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body in a crash. Whiplash is a fairly common type of injury from a car crash, but a disc injury is a more severe outcome that could impact your life in a much more traumatic way.

3. Back Injuries: It’s quite common for car accident victims to feel like their back injuries are severe and persistent after an accident. This is because it can take your body months, or even longer, to heal from the trauma of being hurt in a car crash.

For the worst-case situations, this means that the accident victim is no longer able to work or enjoy physical activities. Treatment for a back injury could even include surgeries or physical therapy.

4. “Invisible” Injuries: It’s often these “invisible” injuries that can make life difficult for a victim to recover after an accident. The signs of trauma might not be as clear physically as a broken bone or laceration, but they make an accident victim’s life much more difficult. The pain may be dull and constant or it can surge and subside over the course of the day.

Sadly, many accident victims feel a lack of control because of these symptoms, making it difficult to keep plans and participate in all their normal daily activities.

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