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In the aftermath of a serious Jupiter bicycle accident, it is often the cyclist who has the bulk of injuries.

Under Florida law, bicycles are classified as vehicles, and cyclists are responsible for following the same rules as individuals operating other vehicles.

Bicycle Injury Facts
Source: Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) 2004-2012 Final File, 2013 Annual Report File (ARF)

Far too many bicycle accidents in Jupiter are caused as a result of a motorist failing to exercise reasonable care while operating a vehicle. Failing to share the road with others can put bicyclists at risk for catastrophic injuries.

Jupiter Bicycle Accident AttorneyBicycle accidents can be extremely complex cases, as it often requires working with the at-fault party and an insurance company. Additionally, the state of Florida is also a “no-fault” state in terms of insurance.

All the more reason you need a Jupiter Bicycle Accident Attorney who is knowledgeable about recovering compensation for injuries from these accidents as well as property damage.

If you were involved in a bicycle accident, then you need the insight of a knowledgeable bicycle injury lawyer to help you figure out your next steps. Your attorney should be committed to holding the negligent individual accountable in court for his or her actions.

Causation, Liability, and Negligence

Determining causation and liability in a bicycle accident in Jupiter depends on the attorney and the evidence collected. Some of the most common discrepancies in these types of cases involve failing to exercise reasonable care, violations of traffic laws, and determining which individual have the right-of-way.

Hiring a injury attorney who has experience in representing injured cyclists is imperative, since the issues involved in a bicycle accident claim can become complex and highly contentious.

The other party may claim that he or she was not at fault for the accident, and in this case you need an attorney who is willing to exhaust all possible options in your case.

How Can an Attorney Assist Me with My Bicycle Accident Claim?

There are many different reasons that you should never represent yourself in a bicycle accident claim involving the negligence of another driver.

There are several important components to a personal injury claim in Florida, and you need a knowledgeable Jupiter bicycle accident lawyer who can help you figure out which ones apply to you.

In order to help recover your losses associated with a bicycle accident in Jupiter, your attorney might:

  • Collect witness statements
  • Analyze police reports
  • Recreate the accident scene
  • Inspect damage to your bike
  • Determine the driving history of the at-fault party
  • Discuss your case with expert witnesses and even witnesses present at the scene of the accident

What Does PIP Pay?

Initial coverage for the injuries you sustained in a bicycle accident will be paid under your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance if you own a car or under the other individual’s policy if you do not own a car.

Since the injuries from a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle can be severe, payment under your PIP may not appropriately cover all of the damage and injuries you sustained.

Why You Need a Jupiter Bicycle Accident Attorney to Help You

This is yet another reason why you need an experienced Jupiter bicycle accident attorney to help you. Your attorney might help you determine causation and fault in the accident, complete the necessary steps to obtain coverage from your personal injury protection insurance and exhaust collection of benefits, and file a lawsuit against the negligent party in order to receive the full compensation you need.

With catastrophic injuries so common in Florida bicycle accidents, it is likely that you could exhaust your personal injury protection relatively soon after the accident. Thankfully, Florida personal injury law allows you to file a claim if this happens.

To learn more about how a Jupiter bicycle accident attorney can help you recoup your losses, contact Tony Bennett today for a free consultation.