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Brain InjuryBrain injuries are much more common than people realize. In fact, the CDC estimated that 1.4 million Americans suffer from some sort of brain injury each year.

Because brain injuries can occur from multiple types of accidents and range from mild to severe trauma, they are one of the more common case types in personal injury.

What is a Brain Injury?

Brain injury, also referred to as traumatic brain injury or head injury, is a term used for any physical trauma to one’s head. This can include a physical blow, penetration, bump or even shake. The trauma causes a disruption (temporarily or permanently) in the person’s normal brain functions. These injuries can range from mild to life-threatening. Some of the more common causes for brain injuries include:

Three Most Common Types of Brain Injuries

There are three common types of brain injuries, which include:

  1. Concussion – This is a very common type of brain injury. It involves the violent shaking of the head and brain, which can be the result of a direct blow or violent jolt. Concussions are common in car accidents and contact sports, and can result in permanent brain damage.
  2. Closed Head Injuries – These are brain injuries that are not as obvious and can occur from a sharp object penetration or even whiplash from a car accident. The damage to the brain can be significant and even life-threatening if not treated right away.
  3. Acquired Injury – This is not from a physical act, but instead, occurs when the brain does not receive adequate oxygen. This lack of oxygen then leads to an acquired injury. It is most commonly seen in toxic substance cases, medication errors, and near-drowning instances.

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

It is important to seek medical treatment right away from a suspected brain injury. Some of the common symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Dizziness or vertigo spells
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue or listlessness
  • Sudden changes in behavior and moods
  • Nausea or uncontrollable vomiting
  • Memory loss
  • Blurred vision or ringing in the ear

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