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In an auto accident, most attention is given to the driver. But few people think of the passengers who might have been involved. In some cases, passengers could experience more serious injuries than the driver. All too often they are left feeling as though they have no rights in the accident.

The driver is often too busy dealing with his or her own insurance claims and injuries to give the passenger the attention they need, which is why most passengers enlist the assistance of an accident attorney.

The Legal Rights of Injured Passengers

As a passenger, you can file your injury claim one of four ways:

  • The bodily injury insurance coverage of the driver that caused the accident.
  • The bodily injury insurance coverage of the owner of the vehicle responsible for causing the accident.
  • The bodily injury insurance coverage of the driver of the vehicle you were injured in – whether they caused the accident or not.
  • The bodily injury insurance coverage of the person that owned the vehicle you were injured in.

PIP insurance will cover the passengers in a vehicle as well, up to the $10,000 limit. After that, the passenger, just like the driver, will have to file a personal injury claim against the responsible driver to recover the remainder of their damages.

What if the Passenger is Related to the Driver?

Passenger AccidentIf you are riding with a relative or live with that driver, you cannot file a bodily injury claim against their insurance policy. In these situations, you are already considered an insured person under the policy’s liability insurance coverage; therefore, you cannot file a claim against your own policy.

What if You Don’t Want to File a Claim Against Someone You Know?

Passengers are put in quite the predicament. They often know the driver of the vehicle they were riding with and do not want to cause any issues by filing a claim with the driver’s insurance. But, the fact is, you have bills and injuries that need coverage. While you may feel bad filing your claim, realize that your friend or relative is not physically paying you – their insurance company is. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings for using insurance you are entitled to.

Exclusions Under the Law

If a passenger attempts to make a claim for injury on another person’s personal injury protection insurance coverage, then there are situations that may be excluded from coverage. Some common exclusions include:

  • The passenger was using the vehicle without permission;
  • The passenger has a licensed vehicle of their own;
  • The passenger contributed to the crash – such as forcing the driver off the road.

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