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According to government research, a pedestrian is hurt in a car accident every eight minutes, and one pedestrian suffers a fatal wound every two hours. When the glass and metal of a major vehicle collides with a human, the repercussions can be devastating for the victim and his or her family.

Pedestrian Accident
Source: FARS 2013 ARF

If you or someone you know has been injured in a pedestrian accident, then you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit.

If a negligent or reckless driver caused the accident that left you with serious injuries, then don’t wait another minute. Speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Jupiter as soon as possible.

The Link Between Distracted Driving and Pedestrian Accidents

With more distracted driving violations on the roads today than ever before (thanks to text messages, social media, and phone calls) , pedestrians face the highest risk of being injured in these types of accidents.

women cross the road by nightIf you were a victim in an accident because of someone else’s negligence behind the wheel, then you need to make sure your financial and medical needs are covered. Make sure you have a Jupiter personal injury attorney to assist you.

Who Faces the Greatest Risks?

Pedestrian accidents can impact anyone, but the elderly and young children face the greatest risks. Despite the fact that walking has become a very popular way to commute to work as well as to enjoy recreational activities and exercise, some individuals are not paying attention while operating their vehicles.

While an individual inside a vehicle can be protected by safety features such as seat-belts and airbags, a pedestrian has no protection and is more likely to be exposed to and suffer from major injuries.

Common Types of Pedestrian Injuries

There are many different injuries that can result from a pedestrian accident in Jupiter. The injuries can be particularly catastrophic if the pedestrian is thrown from the scene or into oncoming traffic.

Some of the most common injuries in a pedestrian accident can include:

A driver who fails to observe a crosswalk, fails to yield the right of way to pedestrians where he or she is legally obligated to do so, or a driver who is distracted may realize the consequences of his or her actions far too late.

Who is Responsible?

In the state of Florida, vehicles are responsible for yielding to pedestrians whether or not the pedestrian is inside a crosswalk. This means that drivers should always exercise caution and keep safety in mind while driving in any areas where pedestrians may be walking.

Areas where children are likely to be playing and traveling require extra attention, such as daycare centers, parks, schools, or residential neighborhoods.

Think About the Aftermath

If you or someone you love has already been injured in an accident like this, you have the right to speak with a injury attorney about a potential personal injury lawsuit.

The medical bills after a pedestrian accident may be financially impossible for you to keep up with, even if you have adequate health insurance. If the injuries you sustained are severe, you may never be able to work again…

Simply put, just a few seconds in a pedestrian accident in Jupiter can leave the victim with consequences that he or she has to cope with for many years to come…if not the rest of his or her life.

This is why Florida personal injury law allows individuals to file claims to help recover compensation for their losses.

Although no amount of money can ever compensate you for having to live through such a traumatic incident, a settlement  from a successful personal injury suit may help you move on with your life and have the best chance of recovering fully from the accident.

Do not hesitate to get legal advice from a Jupiter personal injury attorney as soon as possible.