Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

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Most car accident victims assume that they don’t need an attorney to help them file their claim. But, what they don’t realize is just how complicated the process is – and how unwilling insurance claims adjusters are willing to help accident victims.

Car Accident AttorneyIf you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contacting an attorney can yield numerous benefits – and the most important being you have time to focus on healing, while your attorney focuses on getting the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact Tony Bennett Law today for a free consultation regarding your case.

Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

  1. You have a statute of limitations to worry about. The statute of limitations limits how long you have to file your car accident claim. If you don’t file within that time period, you will not have a legal right to collect compensation.
  2. You may have special circumstances and rules to comply with. Not only do you need to file a police report, but you will have additional requirements that state of Florida has. Unless you have read up on tort laws recently, you may be surprised at just how much you have to do to file a personal injury claim – an attorney knows all of these requirements, so you won’t have any unnecessary delays in your case.
  3. Your insurance company has a different agenda than you do. They are not here to pay you the maximum compensation nor even a fair compensation. They want to protect their bottom line and their profits, which mean they are going to offer you as little as possible. An attorney knows how to calculate the true costs of your claim and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.
  4. You may not realize the damages you are entitled to. Damages are based on the type of case and injuries. Not only do you get compensation for medical bills and lost wages, but you may be entitled to compensation for personal property damage or even pain and suffering.
  5. Liability is a hard thing to prove. Proving that someone was negligent and liable for your injuries is not as easy as it may seem and there are numerous steps an attorney will go through in order to prove that the party you are suing is responsible for your injuries.
  6. PIP insurance is complicated and hard to understand. You will have to file a claim with PIP insurance before you can file your claim. An attorney will help you go through the PIP process as well as file your secondary claim.
  7. You may have more than one responsible party. In a car accident, there could be more than one person responsible for your injuries. An attorney can identify all responsible parties and help hold them responsible for your injuries.

Injured? Contact the Car Accident Attorneys at Tony Bennett Law

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, contact the car accident attorneys at Tony Bennett Law. You can schedule a free, in person consultation with attorney Tony Bennett and there is no obligation to hire our law firm even after you meet with us. Get started and protect your rights by calling an attorney today.